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Our Potrero Project

An open source Java library for simplifying data handling and storage

Based on the concept of unstructured write-once storage, Potrero simplifies the management of data storage. It streamlines file handling for programmers and allows sysadmins to add and configure storage at will. With Potrero, access to your storage systems is no longer dependent on your code. You never need to know where your data is in order to store or retrieve it.





The first release of Potrero is a Java 6 library. It is split into a number of modules:

Getting Started With Potrero

This set of tutorials is aimed at Java developers. The articles explain how to integrate Potrero into a Java application and demonstrate how you can manage data through configuration alone.

There are three articles:

  1. "Setting Up Potrero and Using It within a Simple Java Application"
  2. "Using Multiple Repositories, Including an Amazon S3 Repository"
  3. "Deploying Potrero to Manage Uploaded Data In A Servlet Application" - SOON

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